Hiking camping equipment, Exercise equipment manufacturer, Diving swimming equipment, Bail lard table tennis equipment

Exercise equipment manufacturer, Hiking camping, Bail lard table tennis equipment, Hockey and Diving swimming equipment

The Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (TSMA) is the largest national organization of the sporting goods industry in the Republic of China on Taiwan. Its membership products compose of  Exercise equipment, Bail lard table tennis equipment, Diving swimming equipment, Hockey and Hiking camping equipment, Fishing hunting products, Neoprene material protectors, Spots hats bags, Surfing sailboard accessories, and Bicycles equipment accessories. Its major tasks are to promote export of Taiwan-made sporting goods, to stage trade fairs in import countries, and to prevention of design or trademark piracy, etc.

In 2000, exports of Taiwan-made sporting goods totaled approximately US$1.97 billion, up 17.5% from 1999's US$1.67 billion, despite a general slowing of the global economy. This should be attributed to the efforts of the manufacturers themselves. Today many domestic sporting-goods manufacturers are expanding their operations overseas by adding production lines or setting up new plants, while maintaining their head offices at home. This has created a triangular trade pattern that has contributed to Taiwan's increasingly prominent position in the global sporting goods market.

Neoprene material protectors, Fishing hunting products, Spots hats bags, Surfing sailboard accessories, Bicycles equipment accessories

Exercise equipment manufacturer  Hiking camping equipment
Bail lard table tennis equipment  Diving swimming and Hockey equipment
Fishing hunting products  Spots hats bags  Surfing sailboard accessories
Neoprene material protectors  Bicycles equipment accessories

Hiking camping equipment Exercise equipment manufacturerDiving swimming equipment Bail lard table tennis equipmentFishing hunting products Hockey equipment Spots hats bagsBicycles equipment accessories Neoprene material protectors Surfing sailboard accessories

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