Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturer suppliers, Fitness equipment Manufacturer, Golf equipment Manufacturer, Water sports equipment Manufacturer

Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturer, Sporting Goods supplier, Golf equipment, Water sports equipment Manufacturer

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The Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (TSMA) is Taiwan's largest national organization of sporting goods industry. Its membership products compose of suppliers and manufacturers of sporting goods, Golf equipment, Fitness and Outdoor sports equipment, Water sports equipment, Sports racket, Skates, Sports wear, and Sports balls nets.

The Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association composed of eight sports equipment divisions, three committees and secretariat. Sporting goods of similar categories are grouped into sports equipment divisions for aggregational R & D, inter-collaboration and technological advancement, and the committees are created for trade promotions, international cooperation and environmental protection purposes. The secretariat is charged with membership drives, personnel affairs, accounting and, administrative matters and MIS.

Specifically, the eight sports equipment divisions each consist of the manufacturers of the following sports products:

    Sports Rackets & Accessories
    Tennis rackets, badminton rackets, squash rackets, racket ball, rackets, paddles tennis rackets and others Tennis balls, racket balls, squash balls, shuttlecocks and others Racket grips, covers, netting strings and others Stringing machines and tennis ball throwing machines

    Golf Equipment & Accessories
    Assembled golf clubs, golf heads, golf shafts .Golf balls, bags, gloves, shoes grips and other accessories Golf carts, bag stands and ball retrievers

    Fitness Equipment & Accessories
    Fitness equipment including treadmills, sit-up benches, horse riding, indoor exercise bikes, electromagnetic bikes, weight-benches, home gyms, rowing machines, steppers, trampolines… etc Aerobic exercisers, jump ropes, chest expanders, disks, pull panders, dumbbells, hand grips and other Electronic meters, bicycle computers, timers, step counters, message, display, stopwatches and all exercise computers Assembled parts like cork, EVA, foam rips, wheel covers, hooks, bending pipes and other parts Health oxygen machines, oscillated body massagers, circle-rolling machines, foot massagers etc)

    Sports Wear & Outdoor Sports
    All kinds of sporting wear hats, bags, gloves, shoes and their materials Body protectors, PU helmets, umpire protective equipment, neoprene material protectors, cushion material mated products Hiking, climbing, picnic, camp equipment Fishing & hunting products Functional textile products, nylon fastening products, zippers water ski ropes, nylon ropes, safety nets, therapeutic belts Baby joggers children bikes, children education toys and sunglasses Baseball equipment, softball equipment, track & field equipment, croquet sets, hula-hoops and saucers

    Sports Balls and Sports Nets
    Baseballs volley balls, soccer balls, American footballs, handballs, rugby footballs, dodge balls etc… Water polo balls, rhythm balls, playground balls, toy balls and other inflatable balls Inflating needles, inflating pumps, tennis rings, butyl bladders for sports balls and other related products for all sporting balls Basketball goals & frames products

    Water Sports Equipment
    Diving & swimming equipment (masks, snorkels, fins, slipper, life vests, knives, torches, regulators, wet suits, boots, gloves, swim goggle, swim caps, swim suits, etc…) Surfing, accessories (body boards, surf boards etc…) Inflatable air mattresses, rubber boats and others

    Winter Sports & Skates
    Ice hockey equipment, ski equipment, ice skates, roller skates in line skates, skate boards (snakes boards, snow boards, etc. Hockey equipment included hockey disks, sticks, shafts, gloves, bags, etc

    Indoor Sports & Accessories
    Billiard Table Tennis Equipment, Darts and Dartboards, Accessories Boxing equipment, martial arts products and wrestling equipment Bowling equipment Other relative architectonic engineering and sporting goods magazines, services

Fitness equipment Manufacturer, Outdoor sports equipment Manufacturer, Sports racket, Skates manufacturer, Sports wear supplier, Sports balls nets

Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturer and supplier  Skates manufacturer
Golf and Fitness equipment Manufacturer  Water sports equipment
Outdoor sports equipment  Sports racket manufacturer
Sports balls nets  Sports wear supplier

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